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Jul 05
FMA UK and Fibroaction have now merged

​No further content will be added to this website. Please go to for all news and information from Fibromyalgia Action UK.

This website will be taken offline soon and requests will be redirected to Please update your bookmarks.

Mar 08
ANNOUNCEMENT: FibroAction is merging with FMA UK

The trustees of FibroAction and FMA UK are proud to announce the merger of the two organisations in to a new entity, Fibromyalgia Action UK, as of 1st July this year. It will combine both charities’ expertise, experience and resources to better serve people affected by fibromyalgia.


Both charities have the same mission and aims, both provide similar services benefiting the same group of people nationally and working as one organisation will enhance this work.

The merger will take place on the 1st of July 2015 and the new organisation will be called Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMA UK). The name change is subject to regulatory approval.


All services will remain the same – there will be no change in any of them and all will continue as normal without any break or delay.

Ella Vine, Chief Executive of FibroAction said: ‘This is a very exciting time for the charities and for all of us in the wider fibromyalgia field. This is a very positive step in the right direction. We are all delighted about it. The charities have a national scope, undertake very similar work, serve the same population, have the same group of supporters and the same aims. It will therefore be good to combine our resources to ensure that people affected by fibromyalgia in the UK receive the best possible support and that our voice is stronger and heard by policy makers. We are thrilled about it.”


Pam Stewart, Chair of FMA UK said: “The trustees of FMA UK are delighted for FibroAction to be joining with the trustees of FMA UK to be able to move forward together with their support for people with fibromyalgia. This should allow for an even more proactive role in ensuring the best treatment options for fibromyalgia. The new board will have more in depth and an increased range of skills available, which will bring benefit to the fibro community and our shared objectives. ”


The new organisation’s web address will be the same as it is now for FMA UK

Questions and Answers about the merger of FibroAction and FMA UK:

  1. All services will continue without any break, delay or change for members of the public.
  2. We will continue providing the same service through our online forums, the Health Unlocked FibroAction's forum (which will change name on the 1st July to Fibromyalgia Action UK) and the FMA UK online forum on FMA UK website.
  3. FibroAction's email addresses will be active until the 1st of July. After 1st July all contact should be made through contact details on the FMA UK website - the web address will remain the same.
  4. From the 1st July, FibroAction's website will not be active and there will only be information about the merger and a link to the FMA UK website.
  5. There will be a new logo and a new charity name from 1st July. Therefore if you would like to use any of those for your local support group or any other agreed earlier with us purpose, please contact us after 1st July for the new logo and confirmation of the new charity name being in use.
  6. Fundraising: if you have any fundraising pages/ activities for FMA UK (like Justgiving page) this will remain unchanged and you can continue your fundraising activities. The only thing that will change after the 1st July will be the name of the charity, but there will be no change to fundraisers, no change to bank account details etc. and you are encouraged to continue your fundraising. If you are currently raising funds for FibroAction, for example, through VirginMoneyGiving, we ask you to stop doing it now and if you wish continue raising funds please do so for FMA UK (you can find all details on the website as this bank account and fundraising activities (like Justgiving) will continue until after the merger.
  7. Local support groups: If you would like your local support group to be listed/ supported please contact FMA UK. FibroAction's website will not be in use after the 1st July and no further listing of local support groups is taking place now.
  8. If you have any questions not answered above please contact Ella Vine at FibroAction or contact FMA UK


Jan 31
Do you know that you can do your online shopping and at the same time do some good and raise much needed funds for FibroAction? 

 Mother's day eNews.jpg

 Give As You Live donates percentage of the money a shopper spends on their shopping to charities registered with the service, one of these is FibroAction - and YOU as a shopper can choose which charity you want to donate to! 

Please share and encourage your friends and family to use Give As You Live for their Mother's day shopping with FibroAction as a charity to receive donation. 

Oct 26
11 year old Matthew raised over £1,500 for FibroAction in 7 mile Wilderness Challenge


A brave 11 year old boy, Matthew Higgins-Macleod, took part in a 7 mile Wilderness Challenge walk in Highlands for his Mummy. Matthew's Mum suffers from fibromyalgia. Matthew says: 'My mum has been suffering from fibromyalgia for 19yrs. There is no cure for this horrible condition that causes her to be in great pain and always tired. I just want to help raise money so FibroAction can help find a cure one day.

My mum runs a support group in our village called Wester Ross Support Group and I think she is amazing trying to help people by just being there and understanding what is happening to them. This condition affects so many people but it is still not recognised as a disability, my mum struggles to work and comes home and is in so much pain and so tired she goes to bed at the weekend she has pushed herself so much she can't do anything with us. But she has to work to keep our family. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me so I can help mum and thousands of others like her. We just want mum not to be sore. 

Let's all do something to help get this horrible condition recognised and find a cure. I am going to try and do the 13 mile walk next year, I am also going to try busking near a very well known gardens in our area, they have buses coming from all over the world to visit so in the summer my bagpipes will be out to see what else I can raise. I have to help my mum she was and still wants to be full of energy and such a fun mum we did everything together.

Thank you to everyone again for the support'.  

To sponsor Matthew visit Matthew's fundraising page:

Oct 26
FibroAction receives donation of £500 from Sharples School in Bolton

When 15-year old Jade, whose older sister Claire, 29, has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, decided to raise funds and awareness about this condition, her school supported her.

Jade organised a chocolate raffle and spoke to every class about the condition. The school organised a non-uniform day and matched the funding. In total, £500 has been raised for FibroAction.


Jade, who is in year 11, said: "It was a shock when my sister was diagnosed with the condition.  She had to give up her job as a receptionist and is so tired. She was really proud of me for wanting to do some fundraising because she also supports charities having taken part in Midnight Memories before she had the condition. I think she inspired me to do this fundraising. I think I will do more fundraising for FibroAction, it is so important that more research is done into the condition."

Ella Vine, Chief Executive of FibroAction visited the school.  She spoken to both Jade and her sister Claire and listened how much fibromyalgia has changed the family's life. Ella said: 'It is heartening to see how much the pupils were involved and to see Jade's determination to raise both funds and awareness of fibromyalgia to help her sister Claire and many others affected by the condition.  We are absolutely delighted and want to express gratitude to Jade and to Sharples School for the fantastic support. We know that there is still a lot to be done to improve the diagnosis, care and treatment of people living with fibromyalgia and the donation will go a long way to achieve that'.  

​Why don't you start a fundraising activity of your choice for FibroAction? It can be fun, and if you choose chocolate, like Jade, it could be tasty too! You can start fundraising for us in a few clicks!

Don't forget to write to us to let us know about your fundraising so that we can help!



Oct 26
FibroAction welcomes to the Board a new trustee, Roop Soggi from Derbyshire


Roop: 'I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my mid-teens. I struggled to find a knowledgeable doctor until I found one that was sympathetic to the condition. I have had to learn to live with the symptoms. I have had rehabilitation for pain and have been on quite a few pain management courses. I managed to complete a degree in social work and welfare studies in my late 20's and was a Secretary for the Derby Diverse Community and Health Network for the past few years.  I really wanted to be involved with a fibromyalgia cause and I am happy to become a trustee of FibroAction. I am passionate about supporting people living with fibro and I look forward to doing that'. 

Sep 05
Can you use a dashboard notice to raise awareness?

​Do you hold a Disabled Badge? ​

Fibro has many fluctuating symptoms including long term chronic pain & debilitating fatigue, many of us can only manage very short distances before we notice a rapid deterioration in our symptoms. This usually means we take to bed poorly for a few days to recover!

Many people living with Fibro need to use a Disabled Badge to manage to undertake simple daily tasks like shopping, attending Doctors appointments etc If this sounds like you, why not think about applying for a Disabled Badge under the Blue Badge Scheme​ ? 

There has been recent discussion on our Fibroaction HealthUnlocked Community about Disabled Badges & about raising awareness to the General Public. As many have little to no understanding about Fibro & how hard it can be to live with, hence many wonder why do we need to use a Disabled Badge?

Why not, print out our Disabled Badge Holder(DBH) notice to display? So when you're out & about, displaying this notice we thought this might be a great opportunity to raise awareness about Fibro & FibroAction. The notice is bright to grab people's attention and if just one person finds the information & support they need for Fibro because you've displayed it, it's got to be worth it!

If you would like to display this Disabled Badge Holder notice on your dashboard alongside your disabled badge we would appreciate it. If it makes a small difference & just one more person understands Fibro a little more it all helps!

Please print the Disabled Badge Holder notice below & continue to help us raise awareness of Fibro.


Invisible illnesses cannot be seen, therefore we need to encourage understanding by using written or spoken word. Let's hope this small jesture can help increase knowledge of Fibro and gain support for our cause.

Sep 04
Can you picture this?
​Thunderclap campaign for UK Fibro Awareness week

Fibro can have more an impact on patient’s lives than many, far more well-known conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, the aim of specialist treatment for Fibro is to try and ensure that patients lead as normal a life as possible. Without treatment, many people with Fibro end up disabled and unable to work or enjoy their life in the way they want. Raising awareness is therefore very important to a very large number of people.

Please show your support by changing your Facebook, Twitter, HealthUnlocked and Tumblr account to our FibroAction covers or adding these images to your blog, download below;

Twitter cover.jpg

Facebook Cover.jpg


Doing so will help us to raise awareness of Fibro & it's debilitating symptoms to others within the UK. Using our 'Can you picture this?' campaign covers during UK awareness week asks people to think about people living with Fibro & it's symptoms on a daily basis. With approximately 2M people in the UK with Fibro others gaining more understanding is important as so many people are affected by this condition. Why not also ask others to change their covers by changing your status or tweeting the following?


Do you have Fibromyalgia? Do you have a family member with Fibro? Why not support the FibroAction campaign 'Can you picture this? Debilitating Pain, Fatigue & other symptoms every single day? by changing your cover for UK #Fibroawarenessweek 6th-14th Sept 2014


Do you have Fibro?Know someone with Fibro? Why not support our campaign 'Can you picture this? by changing your cover UK #Fibroawarenessweek

Of course you can also help by adding your support to this Thunderclap campaign as it will spread the word during this awareness week. Whatever you do - we appreciate your support of this campaign & FibroAction

Can you picture this? - by supporting our campaign Thunderclap will send our message below;

Can you picture this? Debilitating Pain, Fatigue & other symptoms every single day? UK Fibro Awareness week 6th-14th Sept 2014'  on your Twitter account on Sunday 14th September 2014 the end of Awareness Week!

Please help us gain 100 supporters over the next 10days to make this tweet happen at 6.30PM on the 14th September 2014, so please spread the word & encourage others to support this Thunderclap campaign. 

Here's the link

Please support with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr :)

Thank You again for #supportfibroaction



Sep 04

Get Involved!

There are several ways that anyone can spread awareness about fibromyalgia. Below are some more popular, but if you have one of your own and would like to share it with us, please do so!

  • Awareness wristbands. These lovely yelow and purple wristbands are the easiest way to rasie awareness and a great conversation starter. We have lots to sell and they are also a great fundraising tool.
  • Raise awareness and funds at the same time while having fun and doing what you enjoy! We use Virgin Money Giving online fundraising platform where anyone can raise funds for us by doing anything, from scuba diving to coffee mornings. In just a few clicks you can set up your own fundraising page  HERE
  • For more ideas and tips on fundraising please visit our 'Get Involved' page  or contact us directly.
  • Talking to your GP surgery. Often GP surgeries, hospitals and other healthcare providers will display our information leaflets. You can talk to your local provider and they or you can request information leaflets from us.
  • Volunteer for us! We have a number of exciting volunteering roles available, from trustees, social media volunteers, webmaster, welfare and health related fields advisers, fundraising roles etc. Find out more HERE


Sep 03
Welcome to our new website!

​FibroAction has launched a new website and whilst it is still a work in progress, we now have a much easier ability to update and maintain content whilst keeping all the great, evidence based, information you've been used to at your fingertips.


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